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Keep it coming

Posted By: Rod
Date: Thursday, 18 July 2013, at 4:23 p.m.

In Response To: Look above (up, higher, etc). ^ (Adam Torkelson)

That's right. You're wrong so now you'll stay above the fray. Got it.

The reality is that people are talking. Not here. But they are, offline. And some people who don't understand just bury their heads.

But someone needs to sound the alarm. And I'm hopeful that it has some effect.

I'm willing to take the shit, the scorn, the hatred, the idiots saying I'm wrong for this reason or that just on the off chance it works. I can handle it.

I first posted 2+ years ago about this. The USBGF continued on the same path it had been traveling. I said it was going to run into trouble. It has. I'm saying it's going to fail if it continues. It will. It needs to change. It needs people to stand up and ask what's going on? It doesn't need people blindly supporting it. Good people, dedicated people, hard-working people, smart people, good backgammon players do not automatically get a free pass as they mismanage an organization. And I believe every one of the directors is this type of person. Each and every one of them.

But the USBGF is in trouble. It needs vocal critics to press for change... Because private calls for the same have gone unheeded. Few organizations right themselves without a jolt. I'll be the jolt, even if you decide I'm "idiotic" after you completely misapprehend a post and call me names because you're embarrassed - it's easier.

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