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Opening Book Needs You

Posted By: Dmitriy Obukhov
Date: Sunday, 15 September 2013, at 11:04 p.m.

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Keene asked about opening book. I will try to answer.

How do we submit positions to it, or check to see if they are already in it? How can we, the readers, contribute in a positive way to this endeavor? I am sure I would be happy to burn some CPU time to rollouts to assist here.

If you are not sure if a position is already in the opening book, it is easy to check. Open XG, and set the position in question. When you click on of the "analyze" buttons three things may happen:

1. Symbols in the analysis window look like analyze buttons. This means that this position is not in the opening book. (E.G. 62S-21H-63-d is not in the opening book. Therefore, symbols will look like analyze buttons)

2. Symbols in the analysis window look like books with triangles. Triangles could be of different colors, depending how close the plays are. If you see such sign, this means rollout for this position has been added to opening book. (E.G. 62-d is in the opening book).

3. Symbols in the analysis look like books, but without triangle. These are evaluations that were added to opening book. (E.G. XGR++ evaluations of 62.𥑷 is in the opening book)

Sometimes, you may want to know settings used in a rollout. Of course, you could use export option, but there is an easier way after clicking on one of the analysis buttons, move the cursor over one of the plays. You will see information about the rollout or analysis. (E.G. 62-d. first two plays were rolled out by Stick using XG1 3-ply).

We cannot simply remove entries from opening book, but we can replace them by better rollouts. XG uses a logarithm for that: It will prefer XG2 rollouts over the ones done by XG1. It will prefer rollouts with higher/deeper. And, I think, it will prefer longer rollouts over shorter ones. For example, if you e-mail to us 10k rollout done with XG1 at 3ply of 62-d, we cannot add it to opening book because 20k XG1 rollout is already in there.

At some point we decided that we will not add a rollout to opening book unless it is at least 3k and 3ply. There are many 2ply rollouts originally added by Xavier. Hopefully we will replace them. It is worth mentioning that at this point we can only add rollouts of checker plays, and only for money or within 11pt match.

Do you already have anything rolled out that will improve opening book? We will be glad to see it! Just e-mail to Mike, Miran, or myself. We hope to get all the help we can get. If you planning to roll out something that is not in the opening book yet, I would suggest you check with Miran, first. There is a chance such position is already in the book, but you haven't got the update yet. Miran also knows far better than I do what needs to be rolled out. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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