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It's all about the money--I've been exposed

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Tuesday, 17 September 2013, at 12:38 a.m.

In Response To: Why would I play on yet another site? (Michael Petch)

Petch is right. I have made a fortune teaching children backgammon and starting clubs as elementry schools, high schools, and colleges. Showing people why XG is a wonderful product and showing people how to use it get's me a huge royalty if they mention my name (I get $5.00 which is Xavier's way of thanking me for helping him promote this wonderful product.)

I make a huge amount of money lecturing at 7 or 8 backgammon tournaments every year and giving special lectures to beginners and spending a lot of time working with novice players at virtually every tournament.

You can't imagine how much money Chuck and Jeb and I got for the 14 months of work we put in writing a better set of rules of the game.

Those baffle boxes, which I sell for $65.00 each, that cost me $45 each plus shipping, and I have to stock them and distribute them and guarantee them (and I designed them) have made me almost a millionaire.

The hundreds of hours I have put in volunteering for the USBGF on many areas, and helping to start and promote the organization, helped pay for my new Bentley.

The the $50 an hour I charge for private backgammon lessons brings me great joy, as I hardly do any work to prepare lesson plans and give students terrific backup material, power points, and articles--so I am grossly overpaid and make a huge profit on this. (When I was a high level real estate executive my consulting services were charged at $350.00 an hour, and that was 10 years ago.)

So yes, Michael, when I take the time to give my list of what I like to see in a backgammon server, it should be taken with a grain of sand because I can't make any money on the deal.

I guess being honored this year at the London Open for my international contributions to the game, and again by the USBGF for the same reason, were a complete sham.

In short, your comments, and continued bashing of me over the years, for whatever reason (I suspect because I helped Xavier bring a wonderful product to the world that surpassed your GNUBG, which I have always said and felt was a wonderful product) is out of line, unfair, and insulting. But that is what I have come to expect from you over the years.

forgot to mention that I also helped develop Opening Ceremony and Mindgames Center, two fantastic products which have been hailed widely by the entire backgammon community. Of course, when problems arose in Turkey with the tech supporters of OC, you were very quick to report how poor the customer service is. I am also very proud of both of those products and what the offer to the backgammon community, and my major reason for promoting baffle boxes is because I believe it greatly enhances the aesthetics and fairness and honesty of the game and hope it become an accepted practice. I only produced boxes myself because I was not able to find a good one that someone else was already making.

They say the greatness of a man can be measured by his enemies, and today I feel just a little more proud of what I have given back to backgammon. Not for recognition and not for money, but because I love the game and I enjoy working with kids and I enjoy promoting good products and services, and everything I do I enjoy doing and it is fun to do, and that is the reward. If some lowlife wants to turn everything into a negative and bash me unfairly, I wish I could just ignore it, but that's not my nature. I am proud to tell you, and the world, what a jerk I think you are for attempting to undermine anyone who, for any reason, gives time and energy to promote and improve our favorite game.


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