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Backgammon vs golf

Posted By: smcrtorchs
Date: Friday, 11 October 2013, at 7:48 a.m.

In Response To: Backgammon vs golf (Rod)

Of course every game should be marketed differently. It does not make sense to point similarities or differences between golf and backgammon, because they are just different games. The details you should consider about the marketing of a game are way too many. I agree with what Bill states more or less.

To comment also on something from another post, I do encourage everyone to rediscover the social fun that is so inherent in the game of backgammon. I do encourage everyone to try a casual game of monopoly or any other board game their families or friends might like just for the social fun. I have found it to be quite rewarding. But maybe this is not your cup of tea, so I am moving on.

I do not really believe that backgammon should be marketed universally the same way. Different audiences - segments have simply very different needs. I believe that it would be nice if most of the tournament players cared to integrate with the casual players, but I do not see it happening soon. Taking care of a segment needs might sometimes be a problem for another segment, if it happens in a way that conflicts with the needs of the second segment. If this is happening, it is because the presence of a segment overlaps with the presence of the other. This might happen at an open level tournament.

Having different services for different segments does solve the problem, even if it does bring the casual player a bit further from the top players. Offering transcribed matches for example benefits a group and it is hard to imagine that it harms another group that naturally would not be interested in them. What is important for each segment, is that their needs are covered. What other segments might or might not do certainly affects a few people, but it is a secondary effect and if some people decide to quit for such reasons then probably they would quit later anyways.

Personally, I believe that the needs of casual players are not really considered within the backgammon community and more things should be done to attract them. I see this in my country at least, though I am not quite sure what happens in the US. But those things need to be done in parallel with the rest. From what I understand, the open level players do not feel close to the casual players anyway, so it is not like the top or the casual players are missing something important there.

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