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CT tournament review - brief

Posted By: Jason Lee
Date: Monday, 28 October 2013, at 11:56 p.m.

In Response To: CT tournament review - brief (Bob Koca)

Bob Koca writes: Format A: 24 players. Single elimination with first round having 8 players receive byes into 2nd round and needing 4 instead of 5 wins to win tournament. When 3 rounds have been completed (with the bottom half being advanced a round) POOF, There is one player in the finals and two others in round of 4. The player in the finals was helped by a bye and just gets all of that extra equity.

Format B: 24 players in 3 groups of 8. After 3 rounds we have 3 undefeated players. A redraw is done with one player getting a bye. POOF. At this point we have a player with 3 wins in the finals and 2 players with 3 wins in the round of 4. This is exactly like format A. But in format B those who did not get the bye can get compensated in a fair way.

To put this a different way, imagine that prior to the tournament, we divide the 24 players into three groups of 8. We randomly select one of the three groups, and each of the 8 players in that group is given an envelope that has a coupon inside which says, "Redeemable for one bye." The other 16 players are given an empty envelope.

Now, Bob's Format A and B are equivalent to:

Format A: Everybody opens their envelope prior to the start of the tournament. Now we have 8 players who are advanced to the second round and begin play there.

Format B: Each group of 8 play down to 1, and now we have 3 people. One person has an envelope that has a bye coupon. NOW we open the envelopes, and the person with the bye coupon is advanced to the second round.

It's easy to see this is equivalent to Bob's situation because they are just reframing Bob's format. However, now the equivalence to each other should also be clear. Whether you know in advance you're getting a bye should not matter.


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