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Impossible Move in Connecticut

Posted By: Keene
Date: Thursday, 31 October 2013, at 2:11 p.m.

In Response To: Impossible Move in Connecticut (roadkillbooks)

I dont even know where to reply, but: Rule 4.8 states:

4.8 ILLEGAL MOVES. A player may condone his opponent’s illegal play by rolling his dice or turning the cube. Otherwise, he must require the opponent to replay the entire roll legally.

What you are all doing here is morally criticizing Herb for following the rules. He should not have to go through this.

Until the rules are changed, we *must* abide by the rules.

Whether you consider yourself morally superior to someone else because you 'would have done differently in place of person X', I dont think that its fair to form a kangaroo court, and start slapping around those players who are of a different opinion.

MY opinion is that I prefer Legal Moves. MY opinion is that the rules are there, and provided both parties are following them, then I dont care. MY opinion is that people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones. MY opinion is that in terms of correct application of a rule of play, you may find yourself in a morally better place, however, what about the rest of your life? Are you all so superior?

I for one dont care how many people stand up and say - "Herb did bad, I would do better." In fact, rising up and making your moral claims really says more in a negative way than it does in a positive way.

We should take this example as an opportunity to improve the rules. Stop talking about how we would all act, and improve the rules.

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