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Oh yea!

Posted By: Stick
Date: Friday, 1 November 2013, at 6:59 a.m.

  • I keep reading that you could agree to legal moves with your opponent at the beginning of the match but if they changed their opinion in the middle there is nothing you could do about it. :Cough: Bullshit. There is no TD on this planet who would hear that you agreed to play legal moves at the beginning and then a player *changed his mind* and would uphold that choice. If there is, let me know now, and I can boycott your tournament until you die. (I would say until I die but you are going to die before me without a doubt... even if I had to stab you in the heart.)
  • OHHHH SCHMOOPIE!? Herb sweetheart, I miss you soooooo much! Don't tell me I can't judge Herb based on the choice of making that play stand or not. Roberto fucked up in not asking for legal moves in the beginning. His fault. Given what I know of all the circumstances so far Herb beyond fucked up in saying that move stood. Yes, I'm judging if that wasn't clear. I love Herb. He's an awesome guy who is good for backgammon. I also believe looking back on this he would take it back if he could play take backsies. (yes, backsies, did I stutter???) This is a bitch move unless there are extenuating circumstances like you know your opponent would force the same upon you (Ray, Herb, Phil(?)). If you do not, there is no hesitation in my bones to put my guy on the bar. If I won by allowing that illegal move I would have to go up to my room and soak a long time in my shower to get the filth and dirt off of me.
  • Since these more than awesome forums have been around they've argued for clocks mandatory which has been a no brainer to a lot of us. That is almost the standard now. We are also on the verge of legal moves which no doubt will eventually change too. It's like blacks in the 60s and gays in the 90s. We know they'll be accepted as they should. Get over it and update yourself.

Totally sober. #tbt


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