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My position on Legal Moves

Posted By: mamabear
Date: Sunday, 3 November 2013, at 9:50 p.m.

In Response To: My position on Legal Moves (Bill Davis)

Hi Bill,

I used to be opposed to "legal moves" for the primary reason you state here: that it will benefit the dishonest players at the expense of those who have a conscience and could not live with themselves if they didn't follow the rule. But while I still believe your concern to be legitimate, I also feel that the benefits of Legal Moves now outweigh that concern, because times have changed in BG-Land.

There used to be a small subset of players who were either unbelievably careless, or else were deliberately making move after move in their favor, game after game, with me or whoever their opponent was, having to constantly watch them and call them out on it. When these players were still around, I felt that the occasional mess-up they made, which I would allow to stand, was my compensation for having to waste some of my mental CPU cycles keeping an eye on them instead of concentrating on my own game.

However, this subset, always small, appears to me to be close to a null set at this point, thanks to better monitoring, better communication among directors as to who needs monitoring, and the aging out or disappearance for some other reason, of many of the worst offenders. For that reason, for me the balance has now tipped in favor of avoiding some of the problems noted in the threads below, and others also, by the use of Legal Moves. I am now a convert to Legal Moves, and have been for the last couple of years.

I don't go so far as to play Legal Moves if I offer, and my opponent says No. I am still willing to play the old way as long as the tourney rules say that is the default policy, and my opponent doesn't want to play Legal Moves. However, I hope that more tournaments will switch over to Legal Moves in the future. I hope you will too, not because you were in any way "wrong" before, but because the BG world has evolved to a higher place than it was in the past when the policy you use now was first established.

Mary Hickey

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