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Who Cares! ** long **

Posted By: Stick
Date: Thursday, 14 November 2013, at 5:53 p.m.

In Response To: Who Cares! ** long ** (Barry Silliman)

To admonish Bill Davis for not responding to questions from his post on his position on legal moves is unfair. IIRC, somebody asked for Bill's position on legal moves, he posted it in response, but that doesn't mean he's legally or morally bound to address every point that raises.

Unfair? He runs the ABT. He is the ABT. He should answer questions. Address every point that's raised? He didn't address any. He gave his two cents on legal moves and that was it. Not responding to me shows stubbornness and unwillingness to listen or discuss an issue. It's the "this is what I think and I don't care what you think" attitude that comes off and I don't like it for an organization that overseas bg in any way.

Everyone in the bg world is worried about stepping on people's toes and I get that. They have to interact with each other, don't want hard feelings, and maybe have even tried in the past to work together but it hasn't worked. After my post I received emails from two tournament directors who shall remain nameless who expressed how impossible it is to work with Bill if it isn't his way and that nothing will change as long as he has the reins. So maybe I'm expecting too much but yes, I do expect him to provide answers, have a discussion, and listen.

I think you may have a misconception about what the master points system is. It's not some ultimate rating system that is supposed to say who the best players are.

If Stick plays in X tournaments over a two-year span, the minimum is X + 1

I would absolutely love this btw. If this were in place I'd attend more tournaments than anyone and then nobody would be eligible.

Let the big backgammon tournament in a lovely and expensive part of Europe call itself the World Championship if they want to. Who cares?

I care. From the sound of it so do a lot of other players. Right now in the chess world Anand is defending his title against Carlesen and it may not be perfect but winning that and holding that title definitely means something. I want a World Championship where if I win it it means something not only to me but to everyone in the bg world. Right now I think it's fair to say a lot of us couldn't care less. Yay he won a big tournament but the title of World Champion is meaningless in backgammon. It should have more meaning than "won a tournament". Honestly, if I went to MC and won I wouldn't even think it noteworthy enough to tell my mother that I was the "world champion" of backgammon and that's just sad. It should be a tournament so prestigious that I'm calling my friends right after...or better yet, they come to watch me play.


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