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Posted By: Iancho Hristov
Date: Thursday, 14 November 2013, at 10:48 p.m.

In Response To: Giants (Dmitriy Obukhov)

All the years long for most guys speaking now was no problem Nack Ballard to be number 1 with one showing up in doubles tournement or even no showing up but now is problem that Stick only played 3 events...

I'm also for voting only for active players and only for GOOD players, not for best player in your village.IN reality nowdays BG is really in crisis....before 6-8 years when i was voting i did a pre-list with all active ans strong players i consider to vote and i always had 100-120....Now i did same and i had only 41 with most players played 1-2 events per year...It is hard to be an active Bg player, especially in europe, here only real active players are Mario Sequiera and Ricardo Mlas....Unfortunately so many players are so much OVERRATED so i prefer to vote for "innactive" players as Stick rather than someone who play 6+ but represents him as "My avg is 2.7".

I never thought i will ever say anything like that few years ago,as i was huge lobby for voting for only really active players but now things change and BG players does not travel anymore and if i have to vote for only active players i should vote for 3 only-Mochy, Michy, Wachtel... as they are playing quite often everywhere in the world , not only in their village/state, and i think as in every sport best players should prove they are best and play in INternational events...
Bg world lost so many stars: Tardieu, Sander, most danes, now even Falafel will be not that active anymore, so if we want to really show who are best in BG world i guess we can count active players if he played 2+ tourney per year
So my 2 cents: i will vote for anybody who had 2+ tourneys and who is really good, rather than pensionists or millioners who go everywhere and are great hollidaymakers and cash once in while, which does not make them GIANTS!!!

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