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Posted By: ed olaughlin
Date: Friday, 15 November 2013, at 5:35 a.m.

In Response To: Giants/Stick (Iancho Hristov)

you are fos .with the absence of added money tournaments in Europe there is very little incentive for US players to go to Europe.the only one worth considering is the Nordic open but its expensive to fly and weather is cold.i might go to this year because its late april.the US attacts foreign players with great venues like vegas with a $1000 sj ,san antonio with the dual-duel and rorys memorial day tournie in Chicago with its giants invitational.i agree that mochy,michy ,wachtel should be at or near the top the giants list but akiko, petko,kit,victor,ohagan,stick,malcolm,nailed,mcg and myself belong there because we show up and do well.my own personal record of playing recorded matches with petko we played most of our matches high 1s to low 3s.i always play falafel on the computer at tournaments and bet the er he played about 2.4 I about 2.9.i played a series of 9pt matches with michy after the big berlin tournament and we were avg around 2.2.i played doubles a series of matches with serge againt mochy and his partner who would be another stong Japanese player .we would bet on the match and er .both sides played in the low 2s.i play bg 10-12 hrs a day against exbg and most of matches are 2s and 3s.i don't keep an avg because I am playing 4 matches at a time while reading articles on the internet and looking at porn and I view it as a sparring session. i am probably in better physical condition then most bg players with interval training ,tabata and isokinetic and plyometric exercises a vegetarian diet no drugs or alcohol.my eyesight and hearing are bad and I have a poor memory at the age of 74 soon to be 75,.but I still play in all the tough competitions las vegas sj,dual-duel in san Antonio and rorys giants invitational. I am going to be running a tournament twice a year in dc feb21-23 and sept 19-21.i am trying to give high equity return 95% TO 90% free snacks,low hotel rate with suite in a shopping mall with 15 or so restaurants of all ethnic varities near dulles airport.i am taking no money myself all the profit after expense will go to the staff and my great tournament director barry silliman so iancho why don't u show up and put your money where your mouth is.you could stay with petko who will do a lecture match with me sunday feb 23rd at 9am.

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