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Kill Em All

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Friday, 15 November 2013, at 11:34 a.m.

In Response To: Kill Em All (Jason Lee)

Backgammon for Libertarians

Although it is not the same as mine, Art’s position is certainly a valid one. But Art skips over the main point I was making.

  • ABT events award ABT points that are very similar to master points (at least as far as the annual ABT points race is concerned).
  • A part of the entry fee at an ABT event is paid to an organization that mangages said points. This is very similar to having a $5 fee that would be paid to an organization that manages master points.
  • Players in an ABT event are “forced” to pay the ABT fee whether or not they care about ABT points. This is analogous to “forcing” players to pay a $5 fee to an organization that would manage master points.
  • Against a backdrop of inflation, it is fair to expect that both fees would rise over time.

The biggest difference I can see is that the ABT fees are hidden, while the hypothetical $5 fee for master points—as discussed here—is not. To favor the ABT system, while opposing the hypothetical master points system, at least on its face, seems inconsistent.

Here are a couple of questions for Art (and other readers):

  1. Should payment of ABT fees and participation in the ABT points race at an ABT event be optional?
  2. If the ABT system as it currently stands is acceptable, would a master points system where the fees were hidden, ala the ABT, be acceptable as well?
  3. Is “forcing” a tournament to make ABT fees or master points fees optional any better or worse than “forcing” entrants to pay those fees? What is wrong with giving each tournament organization the right to hold the event it likes, and giving each player the right to enter or not, as he sees fit?

Incidentally, I think the fees are best kept hidden. They should simply be included in the entry fee.


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