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Video/Audio Mixing help

Posted By: Michael Petch
Date: Friday, 15 November 2013, at 4:35 p.m.

In Response To: Video/Audio Mixing help (Jason Lee)

If I had the files I may be able to do this for you. I have done something similar in the past. The first thing I would try (if using Windows 7 or above) is to try using Movie Maker (comes with most variants of Win7 I believe).

Your main problem will be that most software doesn't deal with FLV directly. You'd like have to get a converter program (many free ones out there) to convert it to mp4 or Windows Media Video (WMV) format or something similar.

You can then use Movie Maker to load the new file. Once loaded on the right hand side you will see what appears to be a moviestrip (looks like film) of your video. If you double click it you should find volume controls revealed in the ribbon bar. You can then mute the sound effectively getting rid of the old audio track.

You can then add a "music file/clip" from the menu (select your wma). The audio track should appear above the movie strip. You can then drag the audio track to the starting point in the video you wish to it to begin (synchronization). You can also set the offset within the audio track you wish to start (and end) as well.

MovieMaker is simplistic, but if your editing needs are not complex it can be useful.

Other alternatives are products like Blender or Lightworks for more complex needs. Blender and lighworks defintitely have a steeper learning curbe, but you cna pretty much do anything with them. If you are on your Mac iMovie comes with the OS and can do reasonably complex edits as well.

One other alternative for a program is Camtasia. Although it was designed to create videos and presentations (usually from webcam clips or desktop screen captures) it also has a decent editor. I believe that Mr. Simborg uses Camtasia for many of his videos.

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