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Why create a system we know is flawed?

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Monday, 18 November 2013, at 1:58 a.m.

In Response To: Why create a system we know is flawed? (Igor)

I see, so according to you, in order for me to propose a concept that I believe would be an effective and fair way to rate or rank players, I must also come up with a definitive way to do it, a plan to do it, the people to do it, and the resources to do it?

Sorry, but your rules are too strict for me. I would not begin to feel qualified to do all of those things and would not even give it serious thought until I first found out if there is a consensus about the concept.

Ken's approach can easily be used and modified to put players in levels as opposed to assigning them specific numerical rankings, and that is all I am saying. To suggest that is not to say I am tearing Ken's ideas apart or that I have a better mousetrap or that I think either plan can readily be implemented at this time. The game needs an international organization, or at least a committee, and either volunteers or paid personnel (and a method of funding) for any form of world rankings or rating to be done well.

But the horse comes before the cart...first step is to discuss what we really should be rating and ranking, why we are doing it, what use it would have, and if how it can be reasonably fair and reasonably dependable given the realities of the backgammon world and access to data.

I am simply saying that it is fairer and more accurate and more useful to have a goal to rank players at a level of play. Why do I have to "prove" anything else or be accused of attacking anyone who proposes something different?

Argue the concepts and ideas, not the people or personalities or egoes, please.

As for implementation, that is another subject, and I see no difference in the collection of data an implementation of Ken's approach and mine..the difference is how you group and report the results.

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