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Proposed World Ranking System

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Monday, 18 November 2013, at 2:08 a.m.

In Response To: Proposed World Ranking System (Barry Silliman)

In no way have I ever stated that I disagree with any of Ken's ideas, but Ken, himself, seemed to take offense. All I am saying is that rather than rank players individually and numerically we place them into ranges of skill, and I have argued that will be more effective, useful, and reflective of a player's true skill-level, and that can also be used as a guide for determining where a player can play.

One of my major problems with a system that rankings individual players in order is that we know, from the outset, we do not have enough quantifiable information to say that Player A is better than Player B and B is better than C, and if we put out a list that says this, we are being quite presumptuous and giving a higher regard to our information than it deserves. And that makes the entire list, or process, suspect. But to say the following 20 players have performed in a manner that allows them to carry a Level 1 designation is probably less inaccurate and fairer to all of the 20 players on the list.

If you truly want to know who the best Open player is, or Intermediate player, etc., then you would have to run a true, skill-based competition, and from that you could make a statement that based on that competition, so and so is ranked 1 etc.

I think the best test would be "duplicate backgammon" where each player is given exactly the same positions and problems to solve, but that would only be a test of knowledge and skill of the game, but not necessarily who is more likely to win in a live competition where playing the opponent, stamina, emotional control, and time management are also factors.

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