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Proposed World Ranking System

Posted By: Ken Larsen
Date: Monday, 18 November 2013, at 6:59 p.m.

In Response To: Proposed World Ranking System (Keene)


You raise good points. I appreciate that type of feedback.

Here are my answers:

1. The ABT points allocated to the Advanced Division count half as much as much as Open Division points. That's built into Bill Davis's ABT system. For example, my club's David Davis won the Advanced Division title at Charlotte this year. He was awarded 4.33 points. If he had won the Open title (assuming it had an equivalent number of people), David would have been awarded 8.66 points.

2. I could indeed have done a much better job of selecting the 28 people. I began by picking a couple of people from my club who I believed to be borderline Open level players, but who play Advanced Level. One of them (the aforementioned David Davis) has only played one ABT event. The others are Giants, near-Giants, or highly productive people who play Advanced. My reasoning on being top-heavy with Giants, is that if there is any validity to my system (and the Giants voting), then the Giants should dominate the top of my ranking. Thus far, that's what has happened.

3. I welcome your recommendations for other people who should be added. I'll be glad to add them when I get the time. Right now I'm double checking the data for the 28 people. The approach I used for my first pass was too error prone. You can monitor my progress on pass # 2 by observing which of my numbers are black and which are red. The red ones have not been double checked.

3. I should indeed add more people to my test data. Unfortunately, it's a very time consuming manual process to add new people, because Bill Davis's ABT data doesn't identify "Number of Events Entered". He just lists how many points each person has collected. That is a huge omission that must be fixed before any "average based" system can be rolled out.

4. You're absolutely right about the European events. They need to be added and very careful thought has to go into factoring their weight. I was cheered yesterday to learn that Chiva has implemented a European points system. However, my first reading of it is that like the ABT system, it doesn't count # of events.

5. Side events are also a hole. They're not assigned ABT points. I personally have won three side events but no ABT points. By my own system, I belong in the Novice Division. My PR is about 6.8, so by that token I'm really low-Open. The side event gap will need further discussion. In the meantime, I plan to tweak the prototype that I've created and try to get other people to solve the missing "# of Events" problem.

6. You're right, the initial value of the system will be American only. TDs can use it to ensure that sandbagging is kept at a minimum.

Thanks for your feedback.

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