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XG to Facebook

Posted By: Michael Petch
Date: Friday, 22 November 2013, at 10:16 p.m.

In Response To: XG to Facebook (Ray Kershaw)

One other option is to use install a program like pdfcreator ( http://download.pdfforge.org/download/pdfcreator ). which is free. Word of warning, during install there will be an install page that defaults to installing amazon search service etc. Near the top there are two checkboxes you can uncheck so that the extra amazon features aren't added.

Pdfcreator by default will install a virtual printer driver that allows you to print to a PDF file (Rather than to a real printer). You can also specify some other formats like jpeg, tiff, png. Once a program like this is installed you simply go to XG then do a "Print Position". You can then specify all the parameters (include analyse, player names etc). On the bottom of the XG print page there is a "Change Printer" button. Click it and then in the printer selection pull down box look for "PDFCreator" and then click OK. You'll be back at the print position dialog box in XG where you can click the Print button.

After changing the printer, clicking the print button the PDF Creator save dialog box will appear. Near the bottom there is a "profile" list box. In it you will see JPEG. Select it. By default this profile prints at a low resolution 150 DPI. You probably want to use at least 600. To change the DPI select the JPEG profile and click the "options" button. You should see in the list of formats "JPEG". Click on it and you will find you can change the DPI. 600 I recommend at a minimum. You can also change the quality (default is 75% to make smaller files). 100% is best quality (least image compression). Once you save the settings for that profile they will be retained for the future.

All you then have to do is click the save button specify the location where the jpeg should be saved and voila.

You can then use MSPAINT (or any simple/complex image editor) to crop the extra white space, and the file name that XG prints at the top.

It may seem like a lot of work up front, but it really isn't much of a burden after saving an appropriate profile.

This isn't specific to printing from XG. Any application with a print option (web browser etc) can use PDFCreator to output to other file formats.

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