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Here's a reason why BG should be touch move

Posted By: Barry Silliman
Date: Wednesday, 27 November 2013, at 3:07 p.m.

In Response To: Here's a reason why BG should be touch move (Art Grater)

Some people's idea of fun is to not make it to the finals of a major event and be victimized by an undisciplined handling of checkers, whether intentional or otherwise.

In Neil's case Sunday in Las Vegas, he certainly had his back against the wall on the scoreboard, and he had the worse of the position anyway, but his cause was certainly not helped by the illegal checker movement. And I believe that Dana did not do this on purpose- his reputation is impeccable and he has earned the benefit of my doubt, as well as most everyone who knows him well enough to know his gender (unlike some of the hoi polloi on Facebook condemning him/her).

And the checker shuffling from Dana pales in comparison to the nonsense that occurred in a key part of the "World Championship" finals several years ago in Monte Carlo.

I can live without touch move, I can live with it. I can understand your perspective that touch move will make the game less fun for you. Here's a reasonable compromise- first, although the Simborg-Bower-Horton rules are a step in the right direction from the US Tournament rules- although at a cost of brevity, as the US rules can be printed on a single sheet of paper while the Simborg-Bower-Horton rules require seven sheets of paper- let's replace some of the "should's" with "shall's" or "must's". That is, turn recommendations into mandates. For example, section 5.4 of Simborg-Bower-Horton should be sufficient if some of the recommendations in this section turned into mandates (in particular, I'm thinking of the current recommendation to leave a visible space between the side of the board or other checkers when considering a move), with the addition of something along this line:

If a player wishes to move checkers while considering a play, checkers being moved from different origin points, or to different destination points, must be moved one at a time to their destination point(s). If a play under consideration is rejected, checkers being returned from different destination points, or to different origin points, must be moved one at a time.

Note that the wording of the above allows one to move multiple checkers at a time with doubles, or it allows someone to move two checkers at a time for obvious or trivial plays that do not require consideration- it's just that if you want to look at your play and take it back, you must follow these rules, which I believe would go a long way to minimizing the types of occurrences that we're all talking about in this thread.

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