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Cut Ken some slack, his work is still in the early stages

Posted By: Barry Silliman
Date: Wednesday, 27 November 2013, at 4:02 p.m.

In Response To: Cut Ken some slack, his work is still in the early stages (Henrik Bukkjaer)

Well, maybe Ken shouldn't be calling it the World Rankings then? Just a suggestion.

Hello Henrik, as Americans, our arrogant and chauvinistic attitudes, which cause us to name our national pro baseball championship the World Series, cause us to call our national pro basketball champions 'World Champions', and cause us to christen our proposed system based on American Backgammon Tour points as a 'World Ranking System', are rooted in the Eurocentrism we brought across the pond from your continent, and then our smugness and sense of superiority were exacerbated by having sacrificed our blood and treasure to bail your enlightened and civilized continent out of the two global conflagrations it started in the prior century. But don't worry, our leaders in the academy and in the polity are slowing working to erase this mindset from the American public, but these things take time, so please be patient with us.

I'll make a deal- we won't call our system a World Ranking System if the Monte Carlo tournament stops referring to itself as the World Championship and if France agrees to give up its permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council when India or Brazil passes it in GDP, which one or both of them inevitably will in the not too distant future.

Our biggest fear is that if we don't bring this ranking system to a worldwide acceptance, then Mochy may fly across the Pacific or Sander Lyllof may fly across the Atlantic and try to sandbag in the ADVANCED division in one of our ABT tournaments if we do not have sufficient metrics to justify bumping them up to OPEN.

I'm sure that Ken realizes that acceptance of his ranking system will not happen overnight in the U.S., let alone worldwide. In order to hasten the worldwide acceptance of the ranking system, I propose the following initiative:

1) All U.S. players boycott the Giants voting, and all non-U.S. voters refrain from voting for any Americans (even using the term American for United States of America citizens when the entire western hemisphere is comprised of North America and South America smacks of arrogance), thus....

2) The Giants list will be all non-U.S. players, at which time it will lose credibility, upon which...

3) the world will embrace acceptance and integration into the 'World Ranking System', truly giving meaning to the word 'World' in the name, at which time...

4) We can lift the Giants list boycott, at which time it can be restored to what it is- a chance to vote for those who, through some combination of either exemplary play, exemplary character, or exemplary contribution to the game, or some other intangibles, as judged in the mind of the voter, deserve recognition.

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