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A solution to the last round bye problem

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Thursday, 28 November 2013, at 6:49 a.m.

Forgive me if this solution has been recommended before, but when you have 3 people remaining to play for the Championship (which of course, should be avoided if possible), here is what I would recommend.

Let's say there is a total of X number of points and X number of dollars to be awarded to the three players. The player who gets a bye will automatically not receive as many points as the other two if he wins or loses in the finals. The distribution of the points and money will be weighted, appropriately, in favor of the two that did not get the bye.

Now, if that is the scenario, give all three players the opportunity to opt NOT to get the bye if they prefer to, as one of the players may wish to play more or may want a chance for more points or cash. If two players opt to play, the bye goes to the one who didn't opt and everyone got what they wanted. If one player wants to play and not get the bye, then the other two draw for the bye, and of course, if all three opt to play, then it is a 3-way drawing for the bye.

I believe this offers a more equitable apportionment of both points and money and takes away much of the advantage of the luck of the draw, and it is possible that all three players will not have to draw at all, and will get what they want.

(In fact, as an encouragement for players to choose to not get the bye, both the money and points could be more heavily weighted toward the players who don't get the bye. If a player gets the bye and is not happy that he has a chance for fewer points and dollars, that's his own fault as he could have opted to play.)

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