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$219 please...

Posted By: Rod
Date: Tuesday, 3 December 2013, at 8:34 p.m.

In Response To: Proposed Ranking System -Update (Seth)

Seth, yes, you performed well. And I consider you a good player. In my mind you are , as I previously mentioned, you are one of the two best players (along with Mel) other than Rich and me. When I give new players the hierarchy of players (who play low-stakes $ games) you're right there at the very top.

As far as you feeling slighted for not getting anything for being rated highest...

Well... I have many responses for you...

4. the USBGF, a national org, does not give anything for highest elo. 3. The US Chess Federation, as best I know, doesn't give anything solely for having the best elo. 2. I won the quickies in Virginia (DC). It was the only event for which there was no trophy. Oh well.


Julia and I not only don't make a profit doing this. It actually costs us money. Each year we pay the meetup.com group fee and we buy supplies for the group. For the first 4 years Julia and I even bought the occasional extra board. Each year the meetup runs, aside from travel costs, which we'd have even if we were just members and attended, we jointly shell out about $150.

Add to that the fact that I have over-tipped, in an attempt to partially make up for attendees who either don't order, order only a single soda, or under-tip and you can probably add hundreds of dollars more to my expenditures over the years the meetup has existed.

We don't charge an attendance fee as many other meetups do. Many charge $2-$5.

Let's say we charged a modest $2 - we'd have revenue of about $720 a year and could turn a profit. We don't.

But I'll get you a trophy. And post pictures of it, gladly and sincerely. All I want from you is a $3 attendance fee, which is not insane, for each of the times you attended. Since you attended 73 of the meetups that comes to $219. And then I can buy you a super nice (I'll get you a really really nice one - really) $80 trophy. It'll be the shiznitz.

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