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Swing rules (like in GE ages ago)

Posted By: eskimo68
Date: Saturday, 14 December 2013, at 5:39 p.m.

These are the rules we used for the Eskgammon tournament (separate thread). Those familiar with swing tournaments might want to comment if we got it right? We added anteing up when a player gets eliminated from the tournament to speed it up but otherwise it should be pretty close to GE swing tournaments?

Swing rules:

Entry fee gives you 12 chips

One game at a time

No Automatic or Jacoby

When a match ends its result is recorded and a new opponent is immidiately assigned (if possible), i.e. even if another match ends during assignment the first result is processed entirely first

Match results must be recorded immidiately (not after a toilet break)

Starting ante = 1

Ante goes up by 1 every time an opponent drops (or every new match if the finale)

Ante goes up by 1 every 15 minutes

Ante does not change midplay

All-in active (i.e. if you have less chips than required to offer/take a cube you go in with as much as you have and can also only win as much)

Player assignment:

Starting assigment according to dice rolls or whatever suitable method and after that matches get resolved one by one and the rules below apply.

Of the unassigned players the chip leader and the chip loser are assigned against each other first (repeat for the remaining players if possible, then record the next match result)

Two players that played against each other in the previous round cannot play again (until the finale), this means on occasion the chip leader/loser has to sit out

If the chip leaders tie the chip leader is the player who would have been chip leader the previous round

If the chip losers tie the chip loser is the player who would have been chip loser the previous round

Play time:

We have tested with 10/15/20 chips earlier but for some reason 12 seems quite good for most player amounts. Around 6-12 players in a tournament can be expected to have one tour running 2-3h using a 15 minute ante up.

(and if this post isn't pretty it's because I haven't yet been able to figure out how to make even remotely small improvements that would show up properly)


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