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On the Fourth Day of Christmas...long

Posted By: Stick
Date: Tuesday, 17 December 2013, at 12:42 p.m.

Giants voting time. I also feel a lot of to the side ranting coming on.

So, over the last few days I have went back through the last two years worth of posts on BGO and downloaded all the live matches that were available. I either used the existing analysis which was always at least world class or better or ran the analysis myself when needed. I also downloaded all of Mochy's matches from within' the last two years that were available via Mochy's Page. Then, I went to the database of matches that Othello keeps and downloaded any relevant matches there.

The unfortunate thing is that except for a handful of players like Mochy, Neil Kazaross, Petko, and Victor Ashkenazi there are too few matches available. It hasn't been until recently that we as a bg community kicked into overdrive on the recording and sharing of matches. I hope it continues hardcore so that when the next Giants voting (or whatever we may need them for) arises there will be a lot more data available for any nut who wants it.

I have you know, 5 matches from Dmitriy or 7 matches from Ray or a few from Michy or Paul Weaver but certainly not enough. Some will say you can't judge anything from such a small amount of matches but you can certainly rule some things out.

A big problem that also exists until we somehow get in place that all matches or at least all important matches will be streamed and transcribed is cherry picking. This happens a lot more than I'd like to admit from the rumor mill I have talked to. Even when it isn't happening how can I be sure it isn't? Not accusing anyone at all, using them as examples only because they come to mind as the only people who posted all of their matches from a tournament, Dmitriy and Mochy have both posted all of their matches from a tournament which I think is awesome. However, and again, I'm talking generally not about them specifically, I would prefer that the tournament started it would be known or decided their matches would be shared.

It is especially tough to judge cherry picking when I go overseas to try to judge the Danes. I posted on the Danish Forums asking for players who I might not know exist and should be considered in my voting. I know the big names like everyone else, Sander Lylloff, Gus Hansen, Steen Gronbech, Marc Olsen, Karsten Bredahl, Thomas Kristensen etc...but I was looking for people I had maybe not even heard of and I found a few that should be considered. Freddie Noer, Thomas Myhr, and Pia Jeppesen who had slipped my mind. There are others whose matches I looked through too so don't think because I didn't mention them they weren't brought up but if there's anyone you think needs mentioning don't hesitate to bring them up.

Back to cherry picking. They have a very well structured in my opinion federation and they have norms you can score and titles you can obtain. One of these norms is playing under 3.5 PR five times in long (17 points +) select tournament matches (only some tournaments qualify), within a year. So players will play in these tournaments, record their matches, then submit the ones they think will make the cut. Serious cherry picking. Even if we look at their opponents and think well, their opponent didn't cherry pick that match so we can take their PR as randomly submitted I don't think it is. If one player played a very low PR I think it is much more likely that the other player also did. These matches still serve a purpose but not nearly as good as if they were simply random.

On top of that I don't believe, and Henrik can correct me if I'm wrong, there's a minimum game or move length. It is stipulated that it be at least a 17 point match but guess what? I have found that you'll get a lot of 'odd man out' PRs when matches are drastically shortened. When I looked through all my matches I always looked at the number of games the match took. One of the semi cherry picked matches has Thomas Kristensen playing a 1.53 and Karsten Bredahl a 4.16. I saw the 1.53 in what was at least a 17pt match and my Bat senses were quickly raised. That match took 5 games.

There's another match for a player who I had a lot of matches of and the PRs weren't that low. Then I stumble on one where he played a 2.22. (US play) His lowest PR by far. I checked, that 9pt match took 2 games.

So here are the players in no order whatsoever I am considering for my Giants voting. Please shout if you think someone needs to be added to this list. I have already significantly cut down on people so it's likely that if they aren't listed I have decided I am not voting for them. Still, it's very possible I forgot someone so don't hesitate.

I should make it clear that my Giants voting is based strictly on who I think the best players are, basically PR driven. Before anyone starts chirping about players that "know how to win" I would like you to show me the errors they purposely made that made their PR so bad they wouldn't be on my list anyway and theoretically would work towards improving their winning chances. Sending over 10 bad cubes and having 2 of them incorrectly dropped usually doesn't cut it either.

I will not be voting for inactive players over the last two years. That means I'm not voting for Nack or Francois unfortunately. (Joe Russell, have you been anywhere? Chris Yep! Names keep coming.) Those are the only two that come to mind immediately. Lastly, Lars Trabolt will not be on my list. He told me once that he would "never vote for anyone unless he has played them" so I'm extending him the same ridiculous courtesy.

Myself (#2!), Mochy, Michy, MCG, Falafel, Phipps, Olsen, Neil Kaz, Victor, Weaver, Sax, Petko, John O'Hagan, Ed O', Noer, Bredahl, Steen, Kristensen, Gus, Sander, Watchtel, Kit, Jonas, Hellwag, Orlowski, Malcolm, Eli, Dana Nazarian, Dmitriy.

That's only 29 folks. Everyone else that I look at I can't budge to put them on the list so I'm going to need recommendations. There is also an activity problems for some players I believe so if you know that Mads Anderson or Joe Sylvester or whoever has been active and deserves being considered let me know. Also, are the best female players in no specific order Mary, Akiko, Pia, and Katja? Anyone missing?

If anyone has any matches they'd like me to see please send them over. Live matches only of at least five points at a *big* tourney. checkmugged@yahoo.com

There will be more to come for this stocking stuffer once I get my ducks in a row I will go more in depth on the players.


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