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Why i still did not vote for the giants?Overrating players:)

Posted By: Iancho Hristov
Date: Wednesday, 18 December 2013, at 9:21 a.m.

Every two years when i'm about to vote i really spend a lot of time on thinking WHO REALLy deserves to be in the Giants List, sometimes i start 2-3 months in advance to prepare with my voting,which was not the case this year as i was pretty busy.

Basicly i always pick first, all names who i can think of and who are reasonable(like bellow 5 PR) and could be candidates. Before i always had 100+ names at the start as i was putting everybody who is in a way "famous"-this year i had 50-60 only??? Then i start removing 1 by 1 until i get only 32 who i'm sure are much better then the others.
For me single most important factor when voting is one's strenght, as sometimes can take years until top player win a title. But i do get results in mind as well, maybe 80% Pr and 20%, i look at results if i see that for example 2 players are of very simimilar strenght.

I thought to post update of My PR ranking list, but i did not, cause i did not want to influence people's vote.

Back to the main question- I guess lot of people will not understand what Falafel is talking about but he is right....-before when i did not travel to tourneys i thought what i see on sites and what people post is the reality and my heroes were some names who actually are not even avg. With time i start building database i saw pretty good picture of who is really strong and who is not as i have 100+ matches per each of most of the good players-now everybody will say "But this is online"-yes it is online BUT i will tell u what- When i'm on tourneys i try to record as many as possible live matches from good players and my conclousion is that 90% of the top players play much MUCH MUCH worse live!. So many players were telling me at GG-pls don't record me, i'm tired, i'm drunk, i play bad because of the dog, because of the wife and etc, but all this same players play much worse live. So live play is pretty hard to get avg of 3..... Many players when u meet them and ask what is your avg. PR automaticly say 2-3-OMGGGG do u understand what is this????And i really laugh as online they can't score even 5. Another huge flaw is that most people get blind-they see giants playing 1 match with 3 games on say 1.19 and they are OMG he is the best??!?!And yes i saw and record matches in which very same players do play even more than 10 PR, of course avg person will never see them posted.
As Falafel said people like to make fake image of themself, but sometimes this does not only lie themself but fool around others people as well. I do like and feel as my duty my list to be at least only reasonable names. Paul Weever is very right-is not acceptable in top 64 of the game to find some recreational players, some play even more than 10 on avg... but it is not their fault, it is fault of players who vote.

I'm not saying i'm knowing game great or players but i do try to do my best when voting and not just putting in 20 Bulgarians who nobody knows or just friends, but trying to be really honest with my vote.
Finally i don't think anybody play live better than 3 over 50 long mathces, people can speak whatever they want. Second only 2 players i saw posting similar stats online and live are Falafel and Petko, not telling they are the best just they protect their online play with same play OTB.

Finally i will say my two cents about some players who are not very famous but worth mentiniong:
USA-here most names are clear, but i will just point out some who i think deserves spots- Dana Nazarian and Dmitry-Dana was always great but for one or another reason he was not playing very often, now he prove it in Vegas. Dmitry improve dramaticly last 2 years so for sure he will be in my top 32.
DK-i will not speak about obvious ones all of us know and mention, but for me special attention need freddie Noer and Tue REx, Kristensen is also very good, after Sander and Gus those are who got me impressed, ah and Bonding if he is active. I'm sorry to say this but i get very disapointed while seeing some others who are "stars"-tottaly overrated, but same in other countries as in USA, i just mentionning it here as DK and USA are with most people to consider.I don't know how active is PJT but he was genius.
Sweeden-the only one deserves spot is Thomas Ronn
norway-long years Jon Royset and tore Fredriksen were best, now they are 2-3 guys which are amaizng as Tommy Nessback, Dagfin Sherheim, Justein flood
Russia-Sergey Erochkin is pretty good player and he also won Merrit open with 100+ players attending, he really deserves some recognision-will be in my ballot for sure
Germany-before this country produced a lot of top players not same now-still i will vote for Bernard Kaiser-who had amazing avg in my stats and for sure i will vote for him-i even think he is best german now. Others are clear ralf Jonas and Jurgen Orlowski. others are overrated...-:)
France- after Tardieu for me is hard to find someone who is really strong and attend tourneys, maybe Olivier but he is not even active.
Others i guess are clear for everyone, wish u a Happy holliday and do your best in your voting!:)

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