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PR standard for top 100 US players

Posted By: Henrik Bukkjaer
Date: Thursday, 19 December 2013, at 8:21 a.m.

In Response To: PR standard for top 100 US players (Rod)

>> 5 pointers might have tougher cube decisions on average than longer ones, no?

No, I don't think so.

First of all, the tough cube decisions here are the "near the end of a match" scores. They can be tricky, but you do encounter these relatively often and a strong player knows to be aware. Yes it surprises people how offensive you should play at -4/-2, and yes -3/-3 is not the same as money, but it is scores that strong players know how to handle IMHO. It's a different story when you get to a skewed score in a long match, with the cube at 4.

Also, when the cube goes up to 4 or 8 (and it never really gets to 8 in 5 pointers btw), the decisions starts to be of a more trivial nature, since at least one of the players would go out at 100% ME, and the cube is either dead or an automatic redouble.

Finally, in a match you typically have:

  • Live cube decisions
  • Crawford game and or DMP game (including -2/-2 DMP)
  • Post Crawford play
  • The difficult decisions are in the first category, and in a five pointer, the percentage of play in this category is lower. Simply put, the "easy games" that you more or less always play, takes up a larger part of a short match.

    >> A crapshoot for 5 pointers? Maybe the outcome, but not the PR, averaged over many.

    I was thinking outcome here, it was just to explain how I consider the classifications of match length.

    But the PR for a 5 pointer is also a crapshoot - because as you say, you have to average over many! (because 5 pointers doesn't contain lots of decisions).

    It logically follows, that you need fewer long matches to get an impression of people's strength.

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