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Posted By: Coolrey
Date: Tuesday, 24 December 2013, at 2:46 p.m.

In Response To: Ken's ranking based on U.S. ABT points for 2012-2013 (Ken Larsen)

Seems a long time ago now that I proposed a national rating system which was implemented and became the USBGF. It was precisely for this reason, to provide a reference tool from which to evaluate players you might not know.

Ken has compiled some statistics of his own which incorporates ABT stats, and what ELSE would you go by in the USA? Perhaps it gives too much weight to US events, but this is where we live. No offense to Brazilian backgammon players, or the Danes or Japan.

Anyway, there was an entire thread recently regarding my "eligibility" so to speak. Now it seems I have created something for people to damn me with, and I am quite fine with that. If it keeps me off the Giants list 2013, so be it.

Even though I resigned from the USBGF I have to admire the ranking system. It just so happens that the default ranking appears to be current ABT points. However, if you don't like that you can change it to winning percentage, number of tournament wins or any of several columns... JUST BY CLICKING ON THE HEADING OF THE COLUMN... That you find most important!

Wonderful, beautiful, fantastic.

My vision has been realized, thanks to Patrick Gibson and his ever changing crew of volunteers. In addition it has lately become common practice for those interested in the game to transcribe matches from streaming video, which is an extremely valuable development for those as lazy as me.

Thanks to those like Bill Patterson and MISHY POO and anyone I didn't mention too.

Bill Phipps reminded us all that I only won 55.5% of my last 500 matches. Yet I trumpet from high rooftops when I win. LOL.

Seems to me that the trumpeting echos from the halls of BGO how undeserving I am every time it happens. I write articles for CJC and Bill Davis and those requests often come after I have won something, I mean you don't want the point of view of how the shopping was in San Antonio after getting knocked out on Friday afternoon, do you?

It's just amazing what a great place that bgonline is, for people like Ken to have his own personal statistical data base considered. I am very grateful to everyone who compiles such things, and everyone should use them. Many people here have provided the links, and if you just use them, (any way you want), you can NOW most certainly vote for the 32 most deserving players IN YOUR OPINION.

I personally give credit for those who do "free" seminars like Phil Simborg. Great established directors like Howard Markowitz, CJC, Bill Davis, Patrick Gibson.

Meanwhile the statistical databases do tell a story. For instance it has told me to work on my PR during the next 500 matches so that I can win more than 7 of 18 finals, earn the respect of all the Bill Phipps of the world, and get my winning percentage up to 60%. In short you can use the statistics to motivate yourself to succeed.

I will rejoin the USBGF @ San Antonio this year in support of their new direction. Bill and Tara and the rating staff have earned my respect. So has Ken Larsen, we need more of these people and less backgammon bums. Trust me.

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