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Redouble to 4--Half of the decision is easy

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Saturday, 11 January 2014, at 6:55 a.m.

In Response To: Redouble to 4 (Mr Majestyk)

The decision to redouble is easy: I'm not sure it's a take, and I think I might get a pass even if it is a take, so for sure I redouble.

As for the take, like I said, I'm not sure and I have to consider the key variables.

Is it early or late in the day?

Is he up or down on the sheet?

Is the guy I'm playing likely to settle if things get dicey?

If I take this cube and win, does that mean I have to buy the next round?

If I take and he rolls a 2-2, would he play it right?

If I take and he dances, how would I play a 4-4? 4-2?

Who gets the box if I drop?

Who's up next and would I have to be partner in the box if I drop?

Why the heck do I have to decide first anyway--I'll just wait until a better player gives some indication of whether he would take or pass.

If I take, is somebody good taking with me to help me with my checker plays?

If I take an win, will the fish leave the game and go home?

Will someone do a drop/take with me?

Did someone take a picture of this so that if I make a mistake everyone will know about it tomorrow morning when some jerk sends out a Power Point to the world about it?

How much cash do I have and how much will I need for dinner tonight?

If I am the only one who takes, will these guys save my ass by offering extras?

How good does this guy play the bearoff moves?

If things go well for me, how likely is it that he will screw up the recube decision when I give him an 8 cube?

Is there a game tomorrow?

Like I said, there's a lot that goes into the take decision, so I'm just not sure.

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