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On the Fifth day of Christmas - 3Rd Roll in OB

Posted By: eXtreme Gammon
Date: Friday, 17 January 2014, at 3:11 a.m.

In Response To: On the Fifth day of Christmas (Stick)

Thanks for sharing Stick.

Currently there is no 3rd roll in the OB. I've offloaded the OB creation to Miran, Taper_mike and Dmitriy. They have been doing a great job at keeping up with the recent RO. They already have a lot of 3rd rolls but I've asked them to hold on in adding them to the OB.

Before doing so, I need to check if it will not create a problem. Every position analyzed need to be checked to see if it belongs to the Opening book. To do it quickly I am using a two Hash tables. 2 Different hashes of a position are calculated and the hash table for that entry is marked. Adding 3rd roll will add a whole lot of entries in these hash tables and can results in too many false positive (positions whose hash happen to match some other position in the OB). False positive requires to scan the whole OB to verify the position is actually not a OB position and can slow the analyze.

I will see with the OB crew to create a test OB so i can run statistics and see if XG needs to be updated (bigger hash table or better indexing of the OB). There are also a few things to check. For instance the option to have XG make Errors in the initial phase and how positions that can be reached with a different path will be handled.

As for when i can do that, this is quite an unknown.

In all cases, thanks to everyone who contributed to the OB.

PS: Allowing GnuBG RO to be added is also something i'd like to add (the OB structure has a flag for indicating the RO source).

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