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Take the good, take the bad - find all the erroneous info

Posted By: Rod
Date: Friday, 24 January 2014, at 8:35 p.m.

In Response To: Responding to Stick (Stick)


It seems that virtually none of Paul's info was correct... Even the name.

Paul said Michael Sherman, yet we are talking about Richard Sherman.

Also, it seems that Sherman's gpa was not his Stanford GPA, which is reported nowhere. Someone misconstrued this (http://mweb.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24151757/richard-sherman-is-the-most-interesting-person-in-football)... for some bizarre reason.

Further, sherman retook the SATs and got a 1060.

Often, whether you agree with it or not, universities will engage in a legalized form of affirmative action (I do but see the validity of the argument against). Regardless, he was able to function at the very top of those with whom he went to high school (he was 2nd in his class) and probably did suffer SAT-ability-wise from growing up in Compton. Sometimes, tremendous virtually overnight gains can be made by such students when they move to a different and more academically rigorous school. (Sometimes they crash and burn - I've personally seen that happen).

Anyhow... It seems likely that he did not have a 3.9 GPA at Stanford, which was, entirely, the basis for my argument (the SAT scores would have likely been artificially low). Thy being the case, all I'd have argued was that Stanford thought he could graduate (despite his athletic prowess they are not in the business of bringing athletes in who have no chance). That probably makes him "smart enough" in some vague way but I wouldn't have fathomed a guess with a number.

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