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Nothern Virginia BG joins the Legal Moves Club

Posted By: Bill Finneran
Date: Monday, 27 January 2014, at 5:11 p.m.

We joined the movement toward legal moves for all BG players.....see below note from our director, Frank Raposa. We are using a combination of ABT rules with the legal moves rule from the Gibson variant of Simborg/Horton/Bower rule set.


Dear backgammon players,

This message is to confirm that as of 2014 the Northern Virginia Backgammon Club is a legal moves club. In recent years the majority of all backgammon clubs and tournaments have converted to legal moves to promote a clean and friendly atmosphere free from disputes. Under legal moves it is the responsibility of both players to call attention to any illegal play, regardless of who it may benefit, and see that the play be made legally. This differs from the previous policy of players having the option to condone their opponents' illegal plays.

The formal text of this rule is as follows:

Unless the Director states differently and publishes such in advance, Legal Moves shall be enforced. After the conclusion of a turn, and before the opponent's next play is completed, if either player notices that the just completed move is inconsistent with the dice (an illegal move), the dice shall be replaced on the surface with the actual roll showing, the checkers replaced to their position before the illegal move and the player must replay his turn. If the opponent had rolled before the illegal move is discovered, his roll is withdrawn and he re-rolls after the play is corrected. If the illegal move isn't noticed until after the subsequent play is completed the play stands as made. Illegal moves include leaving or placing checkers on the bar or off the board that should not have been left or moved there, not picking up a checker that had to have been hit in order to move legally, or moving checkers to the wrong points. Note that only the players or a tournament official may point out an illegal move spectators are required to remain silent unless asked by both players to assist.



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