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Side Pools--New Ideas

Posted By: Neal Weiner
Date: Wednesday, 29 January 2014, at 12:28 a.m.

In Response To: Side Pools--New Ideas (Igor)

Good thread....it really branches off to a lot of topics.

A reasonable priced destination spot as San Antonio, everyone loves Vegas, Novi in my opinion I would never go to except it it is run By Carol and you know your going to a well run event.

The phrase Joe average was mentioned and I believe to gain attendance at live events , the give ups will have to come from the giants/top players. They worked hard to get where they are .

I am Joe Average who according to the rules put him self in the open bracket by winning a couple of advanced events. I was challenged before my last couple of wins with a couple of seconds and winning a few first consolation and last chances. No doubt with my last win in Tampa I sealed it. Its fair, however I travel with my wife who plays advanced and now myself open. If i was looking at the economics of it, makes no sense. We will do it for the love of the game. I played my last event in December in Tampa. I PURPOSELY did not enter the side pool to be as fair as I could, even knowing the outcome I would do it again. It was my way of fairing it up. I was offered all kinds of deals to buy me and give me a percentage. Few would understand where I am coming from.

Most of you are individualistic in your achievement. My wife and I , would like to see everyone enjoy the game and see ways of adding new ideas that would bring back some interest.

Some of the top players in this game would not go along with a handicap system. The sliding scale (sidepool) according to the answers here would not sit well.

My opinion is "Fair" it up for Joe average and I see it boosting attendance. Of course adding a new bracket would work, but not enough people and not enough payouts to make it worth the trip. Introducing slowly some new ideas and keep an open mind will bring back the game. The USBGF answer , at best will be a temporary fix, that should be realized by the lack of renewals.

On a different note, there are some people who work very hard in working for you to bring all kinds of events, online, live, etc to keep the game alive and well. These names appear on a list or two you might see. A giant vote, you know its not always going to be about stats, it will be about friends, Think about the people who gave you the chance to be a giant. ^5 NEAL

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