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I just finished my vote

Posted By: Mochy
Date: Wednesday, 29 January 2014, at 7:04 a.m.

I just finished giants vote for 2012-2013.

It was combined with Activeness, Result, PR and My impression of the game.

1) I rank very low who is not really an active player. I think a player should show their skill over the table. After all, I am here to play the game. There is some exception though. I vote for Sander, Gus and Lars simply because I feel guilty if I don't vote for them (and they play at least one tournament a year and few rating matches a year).

2) I checked all the results provided by ABT, Ken Larsen's proposal ranking list, Sabri's proposal ranking list, Danish Rating list etc. I believe the result. It is really useful especially when you compare frequent players (attend 8+/year) because luck factor is likely to be canceled. Players who doesn't play often won't rank higher in my list anyway.

3) Anyone who is in my ballot impressed me somewhere at some point on something. Maybe it was PR, maybe it was way they think, or how to deal with certain position. Maybe playing style. I would never vote someone who I think is fish even though he has some nice winning streak recently.

So basically high ranked players are very active, win many, impressed me in many ways.

I know it was not systematic way to think which can share with others, but over all my ballot reflects the truth to some degree I believe.

By the way ,it was fun to rank first 10 players, but then rest of 22 players became like a lot of work.Maybe 16 players is enough for vote? Some player wouldn't vote because it is too many and many people lost focus and write some names as they came up to their mind.

Maybe it is repeated thread but I would like to hear how did you make your vote.

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