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Posted By: Neal Weiner
Date: Monday, 3 February 2014, at 10:39 p.m.

In Response To: Dual-Duel (Saba Bejanishvili)

Congratulations Saba, I got curious about who you were, hope you do not mind and more impressed with those credentials.

As for your your answer to the post...It was a pleasure and enormous learning experience to play 4 back-to-back matches against several top giants (MCG, Petko, Ray, Mochy) in the dual-duel tournament at SA this weekend. Thank you to Bill Riles and all organizers for this opportunity! Saba. "That response receives the highest grade as well". If graded it is without error.

Something I had thought about is the different brain functions and how an individual would be more apt to comprehend this advanced math learning. I conclude this game can be enjoyed at any level and only a percentage have the ability to take it to another level. Study can never hurt but some will NEVER have it.

I very much believe above statement has merit and the non accredited teachers do not have the ability to separate and just sell it for sake of numbers.

I think Ray is a top level match player and is capable of winning matches without having the better PR. This we have followed over time. Petko is just an all around great player and person and just his presence always make for a better event, belongs with the best in the game. MCG is just a good guy and a genius who has that type of brain I speak of. Mochy, this is what he does and my money will never chase that, I would rather have the son who is the Brain surgeon. As for those with the agendas I offer this advice, if the rattlesnake is in the room, poke your head in real fast, and do no go in. Congrats ^5 Neal

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