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My thoughts on San Antonio as a fellow TD and as a player.

Posted By: rory
Date: Friday, 7 February 2014, at 8:51 p.m.

My biggest problem with what Bill and Tara are doing in San Antonio is that they are trying to make their tournament better than my Chicago Open. I really don't appreciate this. I am very happy with the progress I have made in turning the Chicago Open into a world class backgammon tournament the past four years, but I was really not looking for any new competition. But that is exactly what Bill and Tara have given me. Similar to my Giants event and the WBTOC they have a created a fantastic signature side event, the Duel-Duel drawing many of the worlds top players. There are plenty of other side events to keep everyone busy over the four days of the tournament along with great quizes and lectures. San antonio is a fantactic destination in the middle of the cold winter (especially this year in Chicago where the average temperature has been more than 10 degrees colder than last year). And most importantly they really put their heart and soul into making the best it can be.

Were there issues the first two years? Yes. Was I directly impacted by them both years? Yes. Was I annoyed and/or upset at the time? Yes. Will I be back next year? Absofuckinglutely!!!(one of my favorite words) I have first hand knowledge of how hard this job is and will continue to support them 100% because of what they are trying to do!

My only suggestion to them is to continue to do what they are already doing. Take comments and suggestions from everyone that has an opinion and then make the changes they see fit. Bill and Tara, make the tournament what you want it to be! In the end I will only be jellous of your amazing attendance numbers and will coninue to make the Chicago Open even better. Hopefully this will make all tourament attendees the real winners!

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