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TigerGammon successfully passed testing phase

Posted By: Andreas Hausmann
Date: Saturday, 15 February 2014, at 10:57 a.m.

As the maintainer of TigerGammon I may announce, that TigerGammon has successfully passed its testing phase and has been released in production mode on Jan. 30. 2014. Also there was a relaunch of the website http://tigergammon.com/, so you may want to check this out for more information.

TigerGammon is compatible with FIBS so you can use those clients to play. Of course these clients support Fibs features, only.

The backgammon variants NackGammon and HyperGammon (3checker) are available, already. Since the clients don't support that, you have to start these variants using the commandline in your client.

invite beginnerBotI 1 nack

invite advancedBotII 3 hyper
will start a 1ptr of nack or 3ptr of hypergammon respectively. You are free to chose your opponent or any of the 18 bots, of course. If you are invited to such a variant, there is a message in the system window like "It's Nackgammon!"

Next steps will be development of a HTML5 client and implementation of additional features.

The HTML5 client will be supported on desktop (browser) and mobile devices. It utilizes features like websockets and webrtc, so there may be problems with elder browsers. An early peek may be taken on http://tigergammon.eu/client/ but don't expect too much, yet. Games without cube work, already. Invitations have to be issued on the commandline. More information on the advances will be available soon on http://tigergammon.com/.

Features that will be implemented next on TigerGammon:

1) Time Control
2) Chouette

Follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/tigergammon to catch the newest announcements. These announcements are available on FaceBook also, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tiger-Gammon/138290269654555.

Enjoy playing backgammon on TigerGammon



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