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BGO vs. BGO OLM Update

Posted By: Jason Lee
Date: Tuesday, 18 February 2014, at 1:34 a.m.

We now have 22 interested people:

  1. ah_clem
  2. Bob Koca
  3. Casper Van der Tak
  4. Daniel Murphy
  5. David Rennie
  6. Fatboy
  7. garyo
  8. Havard Raddum
  9. Igor
  10. Keene
  11. Konstantin
  12. lenny
  13. mandm1951
  14. Mike Clapsadle
  15. MishyPoo
  16. Mr Majestyk
  17. neilkaz
  18. roadkillbooks
  19. Steve Mellen
  20. Stick
  21. Taper_Mike
  22. willywonka

I think this is a good place to cut off entries, with the total being twice an odd number. Anybody still interested will be put on a waiting list. I think we're going to tap into that waiting list.

I'm going to establish a threshold of 50% for "minimum participation." If you get your vote in withing 24 hours, even if the next position has been posted due to a clinched vote, we'll consider you to have participated. I'm going to keep track (spreadsheets are a wonderful thing). If your participation level falls below 50%, I reserve the right to replace you with somebody from the waiting list. I won't consider kicking anybody off until the first game is over.

We need a couple of captains. I have this sense that I'd rather that Bob, Stick, and Neil NOT be captains, and besides, my gut tells me they might not want the job anyway.


1. Do you want to be a captain? Step forward.

2. Do you have somebody else in mind that should be a captain?

What are the captain's role? They'll draft the teams, pick a kitchy name, and then their job is done.

I propose that when we decide on captains, they'll go off in a corner and draft the teams and report back to us -- the teams will be reported alphabetically, and draft order will not be made public. Once we settle on captains, I'll work out the details with them.

Finally, I think we should play a 9 point match.


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