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I love Dorn Too

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Tuesday, 18 February 2014, at 8:27 p.m.

In Response To: Runoff USBGF Election (Neal Weiner)

How could you not like Dorn Bishop? He's a great guy. He's been a good friend of mine for over 20 years. Perry is also a good friend of mine for just about as long, and also a great guy. To say anything negative about either of these two find people is just plain unfair and nasty. They are both highly ethical, highly respected gentlemen. Anyone who has been around backgammon any length of time knows this, and if anyone says otherwise about them, well....you might have to consider the source or wonder if that person has a personal axe to grind.

The question is who should be on the board. What has Dorn done for the USBGF since its inception? There are many positions and committees he could have worked on, and many ways he could have helped as a volunteer with many programs. That he hasn't doesn't mean he's not a good person....everyone has priorities in their life and has to decide where to spend their extra time. The USBGF has not been a major priority in Dorn's life thus far. I have no doubt that if elected to the Board, he would be excellent.

Perry on the other hand, in spite of what a couple of people who have a personal axe to grind say, has devoted MOST of his spare time over the past few years to make the USBGF a great organization....and anyone who doesn't think it has accomplished much just hasn't been looking. There are even a large number of members who are not US citizens who pay to be a part of this great organization because of the many benefits, most of which were developed or enhanced under Perry's hard work and watch (with a lot of great help from Karen Davis, the members of the board, and some active volunteers--which I in no way want to forget or minimize).

Also note that Perry is in the middle of working on some major projects to take the USBGF to even greater heights.

So, I love Dorn, and I know he's a big enough person to remain my friend and understand that I must vote for Perry and urge others to do so because we must be fair and recognize someone who has done so much for us. Okay, you might not agree with everything he has done or you might like like his style....that's fair, but when has there ever been a leader of anything that has taken any action that everyone agrees with? The only way not to make enemies is to do nothing. Perry has done much.

I will not address the specific points raised by Mr. Weiner or anyone else against Perry, because I do not want to bore people with petty arguments about who said what to whom and why. Just remember there are three sides to every story, and as one who knows a lot about the story, I can assure you that Perry consistenly acted honestly, openly, and as a gentleman. I will ask you to consider what you know about Perry and his reputation, personally, and consider all he has done for the USBGF when you vote. And whether he is elected or not, it pains me to see a friend so unfairly characterized as a bad person--whether it be Perry, Dorn, or someone else who does not deserve this.

PS: I am speaking as an individual and in no way are my remarks to be construed as connected with the board or leadership of the USBGF....I am not a board member or officer....just a guy who helped establish the organization and has worked very hard to see it grow. By the way, I have been severely and publicly criticized for my volunteering and helping grow the game by advancing the game in schools--by the same person who is now severely criticizing Perry. If you also think backgammon is bad for kids, and it's bad for the game to teach kids to play backgammon, then I can fully understand why you would listen to Mr. Weiner and his opinions.

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