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Runoff USBGF Election

Posted By: Adam Torkelson
Date: Wednesday, 19 February 2014, at 8:57 p.m.

Neil Weiner writes: “What I am opposed to and I will STAY opposed to and he leaves out the USBGF introduces KIDS to live events and play for money. In fact they encourage it by adding money to the prize. My stand is you can teach all of the above you state without doing what I oppose. Why do you never mention that children are allowed to play for money at Live events PHIL. My opposition starts and ends there. So now that I clarified your embellishment, answer the question. Is it Ok for children to play for money at live events ?”

If it is against the law for children to play for money at live events, then report it to the authorities. If it is not illegal, then you have no right to insist that other people fall in line with your own desires and wishes. Other people have free will, and often think and act in ways that aren’t to your liking. This is something all of us have to live with and are forced to acknowledge in our everyday lives. There is no such thing as a universally accepted concept of fairness and justice among human beings. What is “fair” or “just” in the situation you described above is relative to the observer, and what is “fair” or “right” to one person can appear quite unfair to another. You can insist all you want that your own personal values and moral system is universal, or should be, but it is not reasonable to do so. You may feel that Perry or others are acting unfairly, but they are only acting unfairly to YOUR value system. Other people’s objectionable actions may seem fair and right to themselves and their own value system.

“AS for the books and contributions and memberships I thought it unethical to offer a free blitz to attract underage children.I told Karen I never thought anything she did was fraudelent. I did not and still do not approve of offering free blitz if you join USBGF”

Again, if it is illegal then report it. If not, you have no right to coerce and manipulate people with angry demands. Other people do not like being controlled or dominated any more than you do. Your anger is doing nothing more than limiting the creative possibilities for problem solving.

"Weeks before our event Perry tried to intervene to keep me from running event unsuccessfully."

I found Perry’s explanation of this acceptable and reasonable. If your posts are any indication of how you are to be around and work with, your attitude alone is ample reason enough. I wouldn’t want to be around such an unpredictable, irritable, moody hothead, who is not able to control his emotions, is negative, judgmental, an adult child, who regularly feels wronged by others and lashes out at them in retaliation, and who feels entitled to get everything they want simply because they want it.

"Perry, perhaps explain why Rick, myself, My Wife and The Tarpon springs people and directors do not miss you ?"

That is begging the question.

"If the letter you are referring to was so full of review and correct and accurate....Why did you apologize ?"

That doesn’t follow. People, including myself, often apologize as a natural reaction once someone has approached them and let them know they have offended them in some way. Something along the lines of, “I’m sorry. I did not mean to offend you. Any offense you may have felt from my actions was completely unintended.” I’m sure you can check the sources (attorneys, etc.) to verify that the letter was reviewed, instead of asserting that it wasn’t because of your non-sequitor logic.

"If you were so wonderful, why is there a runoff election. Phil campaigned for you hard. I am quite certain that the newer people do not know who you are and voted for you cause PHIL asked."

Again, that logic does not follow. Also, you are the one who is now lying. I am a newer person and newer member of the USBGF who does not know Perry but voted for him. But Phil never said a word to me about voting for him. So that is a lie.

"Are you sure that was the original letter ?"

If you have evidence that it is not the original letter, then present it. Otherwise, as reasonable, well-adjusted people, we can only be expected to take the letter at its face value. There is no reason for you to expect everyone in the world to have the same level of unhealthy paranoia as you.


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