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Slaves and women?

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Tuesday, 25 February 2014, at 3:12 a.m.

In Response To: If (Art Grater)

Art, to point out that backgammon is nothing more than slaves and women, while accurate, is not helpful to the image of the game.

Yes, there are some fantastic women backgammon players who play the game well, but also have the right attitude...they play because they enjoy it and they want to emasculate men.

Yes, the rest of us are slaves to our egos--we only play to win because we were created with an overdose of testosterone, and we must compete to prove our dominance. We play because competition is an opiate, and for those who are into drugs and alcohol it fits with the abusive, addictive life style; and the few backgammon players not hooked on substances, it is a patch that help keep them from falling down that slippery slop that began the day they bet a bottle cap that they could spit farther than the next guy, and a life of gambling and addiction and self-abuse began which can only be fully satisfied by rolling those dice (even better with a baffle box).

Only fear of being imprisoned for doing worse things to children makes us, instead, cause us to find ways to entice children into the pathways to hell and damnation by teaching them backgammon and gambling. I am not saying that I put drugs in the cupcakes I gave to the elementary students I coached last month, but who is to know I didn't?

Thank goodness we have this blog that is not read by anyone but us degenerates so that we can share suggestions to corrupt children and other ways to grow the evil USBGF which is possibly a secret branch of the CIA. We all know how evil our leaders and board member are, and how they are capable of doing such horrible things from what has been written here by our distinguished contributors.

But this time you've gone too far, Art, by exposing our deepest, darkest secrets--that our evil deeds are riding on the backs of slaves and women. Careful lest ye be stoned (and I do mean that in two ways.)

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