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OLM Notes

Posted By: Jason Lee
Date: Friday, 28 February 2014, at 1:14 a.m.

Just some general thoughts:

Participation -- I think it's all going pretty well, participation levels are good. I'm actually keeping track of participation, so I'm going to make a new definition of participation: if you get a "vote" in before I post a rollout, I'm counting it as a vote for the purposes of participation. I will never post a rollout before 24 hours have passed.

Occasionally you may check the site and find that several moves have been played since you were gone. I'd say check all threads with your team name and post a vote, even if we've moved on. I promise that as long as you do not let more than 24 hours go between visits, you will not miss casting a meaningful vote.

Individual "Error" Rates -- I actually have a spreadsheet where I'm tracking your votes, and your individual error rates. I think it might be interesting stats when this is all over. It's not going to be meant to embarrass anybody -- you all have a good sense of your own level of play. Technically, the data is public, because you're offering your own opinions for the world to see. I'm just tabulating the data.

Rollouts -- I'm doing them. I'm slowed down a little bit by the fact that I'm posting multiple moves a day at times. Please be patient, and know that my machine is cranking 24/7. I've offloaded rollouts for the USBGF OLM to my office machine, so my home computer is doing pretty much nothing but BGO OLM rollouts.

Board Orientation -- somebody asked me to STOP flipping the board, now I forget who. Sorry, the tribe has spoken, I'm going to keep orienting them for the perspective of the team on roll.

Saving commentary -- I was asked to save commentary directly in the XG file. I've been doing that for the more interesting remarks. Naturally, when the match is over, I will make the XG file available.

Thread naming convention -- Most of you won't care about this. I'm going to change the thread name convention to "OLM YYYYMMDDX Team Whatever" where X is a letter indicating the post number of the day, A, B, C, etc. So the first post tomorrow will say "OLM 20140228A Team Whatever" -- this is to help my internal data keeping, and so I can quickly search for the right threads. Trust me, you don't want to know how the sausage is made.

Team Taper_Mike needs a real name.

I think that's all.


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