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Non-biased Legal vs. non-legal moves poll

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Monday, 3 March 2014, at 12:14 a.m.

As there are still a small handful of tournament directors and players who resist change and claim that experienced tournament players do not actually prefer to change to legal moves, maybe another, highly unbiased pool is in order.

Would you rather:

A. Continue to play with the old-fashioned ABT Rules that allows for a player to try to get away with an illegal move and not say anything about it, or, conversely allows you to keep your mouth shut if you see your opponent make a mistake? This rule can also cost you the game or match if you accidently put the wrong checker on the bar or forget to pick up a checker you hit before picking up the dice (even if the hit was forced). Also, if your opponent makes an illegal play, you cannot make him correct it until the play is done, which means he has picked up his dice, and then you cannot prove that he actually rolled what you said he rolled. The rule also causes ethical problems on whether or not you should fully enforce it, as many players believe it is very unkind and unfair to enforce it and chastise people as being bad sports when they do. Or,

B. Play Legal Moves, where everyone can and should correct themselves and each other if they see an illegal move. All the ethical dilemmas are solved, and since you donít have to wait until the dice are picked up, there are no disputes about what was rolled. Are you concerned that someone you play may cheat you by not pointing out his own illegal moves if he thinks he can get away with it? Are you concerned that your opponent might not correct your own illegal play if it is to his advantage? Well, that person would be unethical, and you can prevent that problem by simply being careful and watching carefully, and by letting the Tournament Director and others know when you play someone you believe intentionally is cheating you. And by the way, if you play non-legal moves he can also cheat by trying to get away with illegal moves or by claiming your dice were something other than what you rolled or claiming you moved the checkers improperly. So there is no greater risk from cheaters either way, and this rule makes the game more pleasant and fair for all. By the way, most of the world is adopting this rule and most experienced tournament players agree to play legal moves even if it is not the formal rules of the event. Legal moves also help keep recorded matches in line. Also note that Legal Moves has been the rule around the world for many years for Money play, and if there is anywhere where there is a risk of a cheaters, and it hasn't been a problem. Around the world, the real money players prefer legal moves and have a simple way to deal with cheaters...at least we do in Chicago!

Please provide your answers to this non-biased poll.

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