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'Group Lesson' - 300 Holding Game Cube Files

Posted By: Admin
Date: Tuesday, 4 March 2014, at 7:46 a.m.

There is no video with this group lesson. This is a collection of 300 holding game cube positions. All positions are taken from actual play. Some are from myself playing XG, many are from actual live matches posted here on BGO, others may cultivated from other bg sites. I've scanned over 100 live matches searching for different types of positions recently.

The vast majority of positions are rolled out. The only ones that aren't rolled out generally agree on both the double/no double and take/pass decision by at least .030+. Rolled out positions are rolled out a minimum 648 trials and a maximum of 5184 trials. I stopped the rollouts before 5184 trials any time I got to 99.9% confidence or above. Since they are holding games at 5184 trials your typical holding game will have little variance left, +/- .005 or .006, so the final answer will be close to whatever the result is at that point any way.

Every XG file contains some annotation from me in the comment section. It may be short and sweet or it may be long winded. It may contain recommendations for other variants or a hierarchy of what is important to note about the position. Even though the annotation isn't the most in depth I've ever produced if I took even a minute with each position (which I took much more on average esp. when you account for playing out positions and performing rollouts or analysis of similar positions) that right there is 300 minutes or 5 hours. A lot more work (time) went into these than any one single group lesson.

These are holding games of every type and flavor. You'll see some near reference type positions for sure but overall since they're natural OtB positions you'll get a much wider variety of positions. High anchor holding game with an extra checker back, holding game with a guy on the bar, holding game with points to clear in front of the anchor other than your standard midpoint or eight point, double anchor holding games (not backgames, generally the 18pt combined with one of the other high anchors), holding game with shots at another checker, and the list goes on and on. Some of these holding games will have a significant element of gammons involved but I think the best way to categorize them is still labeling them as holding games.

There will also be an introductory document pointing out the key points of holding games in general. There aren't likely to be a lot of deep anchor, 23 & 24 anchor, positions because those are often dead drops to begin with. When a position has been included that is a big error one way or another be sure to check the notes. It has usually been lifted from an OtB Open division match posted here on BGO meaning between two decent players. I never included names but I did reset the positions to unlimited games. I only took big errors from live matches if they were from a normal score so the change over wouldn't affect the decision.

Lastly, since I am such a huge slacker I have decided to impose a rule on myself. I can't send the initial batch out until this Friday, the 7th but if anyone that has paid for these hasn't received them by the 8th I will fully refund your money and still send you the files. From this weekend forward if you buy this lesson and don't receive the files within' 24 hours I will do the same, refund your money and send you the files still. The price I've decided on for these $52. Buying them now will also guarantee that as my collection of these positions grow you will get them in the future for free. I will continue to add positions and roll them out. I will not guarantee to annotate future positions but will send out the files rolled out every 150 new positions.

This will also give me an idea of whether I do similar things in the future. I have been stockpiling positions by theme for a while now planning to do this. Hopefully it will be well received and I'll continue to do it for early game blitzes, make the five point checker plays, containment positions, prime v. prime combination cubes and checker play, AtS cubes, etc...all suggestions welcomed.

Price: $52
Paypal: checkmugged@yahoo.com


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