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Make a ruling

Posted By: Chiva Tafazzoli
Date: Friday, 7 March 2014, at 4:01 p.m.

In Response To: Make a ruling (Bob Koca)

Ironically enough, a similar case happened to me while playing a match against someone. It happened on the last roll of the last game of the match, meaning that the loser would be out and the winner would carry on to the next round.

I had 2 checkers on my 2 and 3 checkers on my ace point, my opponent had 1 checker on 4, 1 checker on 2 and 3 checkers on ace.

Probably, under the influence of time pressure (we were using clocks), my opponent rolled 41 and picked up only his checkers on 4. While my delay time was running, I asked him if I may stop the clock since I have something to ask him. He agreed. I stopped the clock, and asked him if that move was intentional. He admitted it was a mistake due to time pressure. I placed the dice showing 41 on his side, put his bourne off checker back on his 4 point, pressed the clock button and asked him to replay it. He took off 2 checkers, the game went on and I rolled 11 to win the game and the match. Yes, I probably got rewarded for doing the right thing, although his move was technically legal.

No, I donīt consider my acting as something heroic but I just felt I did the right thing. To me, itīs not in the spirit of fair-play and the game to win like that, knowing my opponent is savvy enough not to misplay such a move under normal circumstances.

Why bother a TD with such a silly problem? Why be right and win and still have the bitter taste of being an asshole?

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