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Posted By: Michael Petch
Date: Saturday, 8 March 2014, at 5:51 p.m.

In Response To: Windows XP (Michael Petch)

Even more interesting is that the very question of GuruAid being a Scam was asked on the Microsoft forum:


In particular I found this interesting:

"I contacted Microsoft Customer Service in the genuine belief that it was a "proper" Help Line. So I got GuruAid. What a scam. I am 85 and it took me too long to realise that the very, very helpful and co-operative Kishor More was not all he appeared to be at the outset. After some 40 minutes in "Chat" typed conversation with him, it dawned on me that the "Big Sell" was suddenly upon me - this after he had taken over my laptop and run riot on it , finding hundreds/thousands of things wrong with it. I told him I was 85 and with little money but all he did was keep pushing the 2 or 3 Year Plan - for more cash than my piddling little laptop took to buy !! When I refused to "talk" to him any more, he simply undid all te work he had done on my laptop - and left a message that he had closed the Contact - and presumably undone all the work he had done on my laptop in the previous 40/50 minutes. Microsoft should be ashamed of using these tactics to screw money out of their customers. Some Customer Service Dept. !!! NobClarke, West Midlands, UK."

The Microsoft MVP that responded had this to say:


Very sorry for your experience however GuruAid is NOT the Official Microsoft Support no matter what they claim. "

And then there is a followup poster:

"Left my computer in worse shape than before they started working on it. supposedly cleared it of malware and infections but they also cleared it of some sites I really enjoyed. I ask them to retrieve those sites and they stayed by remote in my computer for some time. bottom line they could not fix that problem. then the technician said it was my fault because i did not log off the game the last time I used. it. I explained I had never logged off. Expensive lesson. ($120.00)"

And then there is another site with pissed off customers and they have similar things to say:



I can only say "Buyer Beware".

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