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windows XP conclusion

Posted By: Michael Petch
Date: Monday, 10 March 2014, at 12:38 a.m.

In Response To: windows XP conclusion (Art Grater)

I've used IBM/Lenovo laptops for years. One thing I do know is that The T and R series devices support only 2 memory slots. Although the documentation suggests the memory modules have to be the same size, I discovered that isn't the case. I have found on some models that both slots have to be populated with something. With a 2GB Lenovo system you'll likely find it currently has 2 1GB sticks. You could remove one and replace it with a 2GB module for a total of 3GB.

You might be asking why going with just 3GB? Well it so happens some of the R61s and T60s have a chipset limit of 3GB of user memory (There is about 500-700MB of system memory - BIOS/Videocard etc) with 32bit OSes. Since I have learned through his post that he is using Win7 Home - I now know it is a 32 bit OS.

These older IBM/Lenovo laptops should accept any PC2 SODimm memory running at 500 or 667MHZ clock speed in the size of 512, 1024 and 2048MB. The T60 doesn't support memory modules beyond the 2GB size.

So the cheapest method would be to acquire 1-2GB SODimm memory stick (with above specs) to replace one of the RAM modules already installed. 3GB is the maximum the 32 bit OS will see with the chipset on the T60 so this should suffice. Likely you can find one of these chips new for ~$20-$30 (used for less).

Unfortunately I have no 2GB modules among my spare parts to send him. But if someone here has something, great!

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