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To Phil - +1 ; I know the answer:)

Posted By: svilo
Date: Thursday, 13 March 2014, at 11:15 a.m.

In Response To: We already know the answer (phil simborg)

I agree with the spirit of LM, but I disgree with replacing the rules with a spirit.

1. Legal move is a move conforming to rules not to spirit. If the (previous and still in force) rules provide for LEGALIZATION of an irregular move, then it MIGHT become legal. This calls for changing the name of Legal Moves. There is Premature roll, premature concession, irregular 4stroke - cube/roll/move/complete, wrong checker play, deceitful checker play etc. Each could be correctly named and dealt with separately by the rules.

2. The sprit requires rules to be changed. Yes I think the rules should be changed towards correctness in play, but should also keep the competition (not gentleman-ness) as the leading aspect of the game. Otherwise I could be asked about Phil "Is he really good?" and my answer is: Yes, certainly, he is good by heart!

3. About majority prevails. Polls are just what their name is - a survey of a multitude's opinion. Since ancient times "democracy", thank God, was less than what it says "rule of the people". The last is also a nonsense: the ruled is the ruler! It is a rule FOR the people, after taking their opinion. I have also seen many elected rulers beheaded. 4-5 in the last century for my country and some in the US too. Let the finger (vote) not be more important than the mind. Making popular a good idea can make it easier to implement new rules. But making the rules is domain of the governing body, not the demos. When the highest authority is a TD, it is very natural the man who invests in running a tournament or a club to be the one who gives the rules. He can only profit by good rules.

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