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You are correct

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Saturday, 15 March 2014, at 7:36 p.m.

In Response To: Even more reasons against LM (Christian Munk-Christensen)

I have no argument against your example. If you play LM and you don't catch one by your opponent that was to your advantage, some people might think you are dishonest or taking a cheap shot. That clearly is one reason why NLM, in this situation, is better.

I am not about to say that everything about LM is better than everything about NLM in all situations. There are tradeoffs. People who claim that everything is wrong with the other side of an argument are using being dishonest, unfair, or at the least, not very open-minded.

But in spite of the problems that can occur with LM, like the one you cited, there are many other problems with NLM that are eliminated or lessened with LM. And that is why I am religious about it. But I am not a religious zealot who believes everything about my religion is right and everything about yours is wrong.

So you have found one thing that is a little better with NLM. I can tell you more. If I am playing someone who is a cheater, I would much rather be playing NLM.

But if I am playing with non-cheaters, LM is far better for many other reasons already stated and I love the game and the atmosphere much better.

And to your situation, if I happen not to notice an illegal play that is to my advantage, even if I do notice it too late (after I have rolled or played) I will make up for my mistake by still allowing my opponent to correct it and I will apologize for not noticing it. And if I never see I made the mistake, I doubt many will think I am a cheater if they know me very well. And if they don't know me well and suspect that I may have taken a shot, I think I can sleep at night because I know I didn't cheat.

The truth is, NO MATTER what the rules, it would be a very rare thing if I ever miss seeing my opponent make an illegal play, no matter what the rules, and I believe that is true of all Open Players.

And for non-open players, all the more reason to have 4 eyes correcting every illegal play.

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