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DK vs. Falafelīs Buds

Posted By: Iancho Hristov
Date: Sunday, 23 March 2014, at 4:38 p.m.

In Response To: DK vs. Falafelīs Buds (Bob Koca)

Then, why i'm not in the team? I thought we are good friends?:P
Joke aside, i think team is perfectly choosen, and this is not why there are falafel's friends or no, in top level everybody knwo each other, the reality is that last 5 years for one or another reason there are sinmply no good europeans players(except scandinavians), before we had some strong germans and Francois tardieu, now i can't name anyone from Europe better than any of the members of the World Team now. Maybe only Jonas but i heard he does not want to play this time-so getting all this in mind the team is perfect. If i'm about to pick the body will be same.
I also heard some attacks towards Bill Phipps that he is not good enough to be part of the team-first he is sub and second Bill is not worst than what world team got before, third i guess Bill will be happy to play moneygame with anyone who claims he is not good enough to be in.
Getting the fact that they are no working federations anywhere in the world but mostly USA, JApan, Dk it is quite normal to see them producing best players. I also would like to see different countries represented but this is the reality-there are not good enough players in the other countries who are willing to travel and pay some entry fee. I can't find any german(excluding Ralf), brit, french, russian, or .... who is better than worst player in World team.

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