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A difference in the rules--what's your take

Posted By: Stick
Date: Sunday, 23 March 2014, at 9:25 p.m.

In Response To: A difference in the rules--what's your take (phil simborg)

  1. It needs stated even though you know it already. Even if I was playing with a clock only for the mechanics of it this would be avoided and is my overall suggestion. I'd say his turn is over.

  2. Any time the cube is at a level where the player who owns it will win the match it should be considered a dead cube.

  3. It should be a new classification of plays called 'impossible plays' or something similar and not allowed even if legal moves aren't in effect.

  4. I'm for legal moves. If I have already rolled though with neither player noticing the error then the play stands.

  5. Per the rules I'd say he's out of luck. Personally I'd let most players correct this if it's an option.

  6. Play with a clock, quit having these issues.

  7. No, of course not. He should however stfu when I'm thinking about my decisions.

  8. Yes, because too many people are hyper sensitive to technology and its ability to cheat on the fly. Personally, I couldn't care less before or after but I'd pay attention by default to them when they're using their device.

  9. No bathroom breaks until the completion of the current game. Again, personally I'd be lenient upon the circumstances but the rules should state otherwise. If I was going to allow an opponent a bathroom break it would be my turn when we stopped play and I would take a picture of the current position/score/clock etc.

  10. No baffle box use whatsoever unless both players agree.

  11. Can I get some clocks and one set of dice up in this mix so I don't have all these rules questions!? Both players are jackasses but his opponent still has the right to call him on it.

  12. No, spectators need to stfu because they aren't all that bright. They should march their happy asses quickly to a tournament official and report it allowing the staff to deal with the issue.

  13. ^See above^.

  14. The on roll player needs to wait for confirmation from his opponent before picking up the dice. In a clocked match if we're going to look at the dice for any amount of time the plunger should be centered. I call foul on the on roll player but have no solution as to what a just penalty would be. Allowing the roll to stand is okay in theory but what if the players can't agree on the roll either because he picked them up so quickly?

  15. Stick

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