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Chouette Etiquette question

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Tuesday, 25 March 2014, at 2:20 a.m.

In our chouette, we play the count is public IF either of the players ask for a count. So anyone can count the race and then it is announced.

So, let's say I count our pips, white, and I come up with 98, and Herbie counts the opponent, red, and comes up with 108. We announce that, and then we all doubled. The taker smiles and says he's taking and by the way, Phil screwed up...you guys have 107.

When you play public counts, is the other player obligated to open his mouth when he sees that the pip count that was given was wrong? Is it okay to do this?

Now, if you say "yes," as I know many will, because it is logical to assume that everyone should be responsible for their own counts and if he accepts what others say he is doing so at his own risk, there are a couple of problems. First, because we agree that the count is public, the reason we do this is because if we don't allow public counting, then everyone has to count for themselves every time and the game will drag endlessly. So we do this as a service to everyone to provide the count, and it should be everyone's responsibility, therefore, to contribute what they know honestly to the group information. The other problem is, if it is okay to keep your mouth shut and allow wrong cube action because of miscounting, then it stands to reason that it is just as ethical to provide a wrong count hoping to get someone to take or give a bad cube. Why is the lie of omission any less than a lie of commission (just ask my ex-wives and they will tell you it is a lie when I don't tell them something they should know as much as if I tell them a direct lie.)?

This happened recently in our chouette, and I suspect it happens a lot...but I always try to correct errors if I hear them and know it is an error, because I think that's fair. Of course, if the guy keeps his mouth shut (Carter keep his mouth shout? Year right!) nobody would know, but that's not the point. The point is what should the players do, assuming that everyone in the chou is honest.

I know my preference....you all should speak up, and if the norm is not going to be that way, then I am going to have to count both sides myself every time, and so will everyone else, and it will be a very slow chouette indeed (especially if you have Herb in the game).

Please don't take offense at this next sentence, but I am particularly interested in hearing the opinions of people who have played in a lot of chouettes and understand the dynamics of chouettes. Not that the rest of you might not have valid points and opinions, but unless you've been through this kind of dynamic you won't fully appreciate what I'm getting at.


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